CCS understands the importance of the pre-construction phase. We work with our clients to minimize their costs and develop a schedule...... We can assist with building inspections and site visits. CCS has great relationships with numerous counties and can help you navigate through the building department and permit process?????. 

CCS specializes in demolition, steel framing & drywall, structural steel, paint & ACT. Since we also hold a Class A General Contractors license we are able to provide you with General Contracting services. We have on staff Superintendents and contacts with several local subcontractors. 


CCS can assist in scheduling inspections and working with the inspectors. We are available to summarize project costs for our scopes and completing any close out documentation. 



Since CCS offers such a wide range of scopes, we can almost complete an entire job ourselves. This allows our clients to stay within budget and on schedule. Our employed Superintendents do not leave the site until the project is completed to our clients satisfaction. Our Superintendents are available around the clock to ensure that we are never holding up a project.